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and Flyknit Racer, Flyknit Trainer Nike Flyknit is one of the shoes is the most popular the most classical era, such as the 2012 100 double HTM joint first limited edition, it caused no small stir in the past, it was one of the favorite shoes, Kanye West. With the new NBA Championship Kevin Durant and Draymond Green with Flyknit Trainer to debut, and Nike will launch a variety of outflow engraved version of the news, once again aroused great enthusiasm for this shoe fan after four years of design, although the official has not yet announced a specific release plan, but @dirtymoney823 early exposure of the first year black and white with the new "Sunset Tint" color real spy photos, let everyone to eat a reassurance. 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In yesterday's game against the Bulls Knicks, Melon feet again on a & nbsp; Jordan Melo 1.5 Knicks home PE, white shoes with blue dotted New York's iconic orange, very bright. St. George & middot; city thing 2013-12-08 22:53:18 basketball memories combing process, we often find that some of the long association convention, for example, when it comes to Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron & middot; James, even if the objective of the association already exists between them gone, the inertia in our thinking and path-dependent effect, they will still appear at the same time. Similarly, the US college basketball, talking about UCLA, you will remember John & middot; Wooden; Speaking of North Carolina, you will when it comes to Jordan with his trapeze juniors; Speaking of Duke, it must be no wonder Blue Devils nickname and old Mr. decades of K. For today's protagonist Georgetown University, unyielding fighting spirit Jagged became its label - even in a hundred years of history into the military's summit only once in NCAA, but Georgetown's name as its mascot bulldog in general, always full of frightening fighting spirit. And look back at history, Georgetown is undoubtedly one of the most famous American basketball star cradle draft pick from the shortest to the three legendary center, to many young people today, Georgetown players never out of lack clank Jagged, also no shortage of shoes full of personality. Today, we will focus on reviewing the legendary players in the history of Georgetown University and Georgetown element classic shoes with sneakers on the market today. Allen & middot; Iverson? He was my best players take over! "- John & middot; Thompson coach Iverson Gladiator soul; Allen & middot dislocated shoulder? Shougu and toe fracture? Cartilage damage? These ordinary people enough to make even the general athlete away from the stadium's injury never let Allen & middot; Iverson back. Swallow the blood, stand up again fighting, even today this also belongs Iverson arena style. As the history of the shortest NBA draft pick, Iverson is domineering genius, but more with a jagged giant heart. Even without seven feet of the body of the three centers, but he still is a basketball legend on the Georgetown University history deserved. Because in high school all the OTC misdemeanors, although Iverson extraordinary talent, but not much basketball elite willing to giv Cheap air jordans for sale e him a chance. Culminating in the spring of 1994, the famous black coach John & middot; Thompson received from Anne - the mother's request Iverson: "I just need to basketball!" Despite a lot of misbehavior before Thompson rejected the students, but This time he did open the door to welcome Allen Iverson to join, and are willing to offer a scholarship to the defender. After entering Georgetown, Iverson's performance did not let the coach down. Although not led the team reached the Final Four, but in the college game, people can not find any player can stop his breakthrough with the score. Just two years time, Iverson has been named to the Big East first team and the nation's first team, and was named best defensive player. Eventually finished sophomore course, that is in 1996, Iverson decided to participate in the NBA draft, he also became the only men Thompson coach a player before graduating undrafted no exception, because his family was too difficult. In addition, about Iverson's Georgetown years there is such a small episode. During this period, equally adept at football Iverson once wavered in his determination to basketball once he asked Thompson Coach: "? John, you think I can become a football star it" Thompson looked like a madman staring at Ivor Sen silent, Iverson later recalled:. "I think when he must think I'm crazy, his eyes told me that in addition to basketball, I do not have any choice" Jagged more to high academic achievers While the Georgetown University image on the court is tenacious aggressive, and even slightly rude. But in the academic field, Georgetown was also considered to be one of the best 25 American universities. Georgetown University, founded in 1789, is one of the oldest universities in the United States and Washington, DC, the most comprehensive private reputation. It is located in downtown Washington, DC area, located in the picturesque scenery of Georgetown and the Potomac River, about two miles northwest of the White House. The school in the nation's more than 3,000 universities, undergraduate ranking 21, a high threshold, the admission rate was 19%. Reebok Question & amp; Reebok Answer 4 youthful re-take the road resume on Iverson's shoes, we also have mentioned too many times - Nike and Air University during Jordan 11, also entered the league after a series of Reebok. But in the near future, these two are not in the shoes through time but because of two pairs of shoes on sale soon and linked together. Reebok will that is engraved on sale at the beginning of next year Georgetown University color Question and Answer 4. Question and Answer 4, we can see them as the most classic Iverson career, and even the history of the most classic of Reebok basketball shoes II. While in today's fickle market sneakers, they do not have those destined color we can not say the name of the Air Jordan are being sought with the hype, but two pairs of Reebok sneakers was actually recorded many of us, is also recorded Iverson's youth. Question, 1996, the young and frivolous Iverson with an "I do not need anyone" high profile in the league. And is stepping on this pair and their own be seen as "problems" Jordan sneakers will shake lose focus, put that record is seen as the transfer of two generations of superstars instant classic goal. In addition to his rookie season, Question accompanied us to witness that field in addition to the incredible 2001 All-Star Game was an incredible reversal. Answer 4, 2001 and was once the problem of juvenile finally brought fans around the world with their own answers --MVP finals. Despite the Lakers defeat Iverson and O'Brien Cup the only time pass. But he leap O'Neal, across Taryn & middot; Lu, singled out Kobe Bryant, even swallow the lips is broken and out of the blood, all this screen Houqiao Dan era have become the NBA's most memorable moments. Like shoe soles as written, Only The Strong Survive, 2001 years Iverson truly become the NBA's strongest. it is so special significance both for Iverson shoes, coupled with Georgetown University that iconic blue and gray color. Rebellious arrogance and deep historical accumulation on them reached a staggering unity. In next year's January and M jordan 3 katrina 2018 arch, Question and Answer 4 There Iverson Georgetown years, return soon. Bulldog's Foot As we all know, is the mascot of Georgetown University Bulldog bulldog, but Iverson is naive but very aggressive for this breed like a plus. In addition to the introduction of a variety of clothing with Bulldog I3 series of signature shoes Iverson Answer the bottom 10 of the outer design also refer to the Bulldog foot, at the same time cater to individual preferences Iverson, its claw-like dogs as uneven The outsole of the shoes to create a better grip and flexibility. this time with Patrick playing very crucial for me, I can say with certainty that if no Patrick, I would not have made the current achievements. "- Alonzo & middot; Mourning Patrick & middot; Ewing Unbeaten Tower be put Jordan lore? Wildcats are complete reversal? Also or career and missed the championship? Ewing's basketball career may not be perfect, but no one doubts that the seven-foot giant in NBA history's most powerful, the most dominant performance of the center, he is a true master of the paint, but also the history of Georgetown University Data madman. More importantly, he used his firm and unyielding fight to Georgetown on the team next centuries the only one NCAA championship trophy. In 1981, Ewing as a Massachusetts high school star players came to Georgetown University. Thompson coach at this time seems to have seen it on the team's first championship of the centuries-old hope. To give better protection Ewing and training, Thompson at the outset not only did not put Ewing in the lineup, even strictly control his contacts with the media, which led directly to the face after the "gorilla" to enter the NBA media always tight-lipped style. However, after entering the state, Ewing steady as a rock to sit on the starting position and then not worked as a substitute, especially in the freshman season against the University of Missouri, still a novice player Ewing once every person narrator dunks all stunned, television replay the shot again and again, Ewing a famous battle. It was also during this season, Ewing led Georgetown University team all the way to the finals, but unfortunately only seems to remember the history of Jordan Pro Leather foot lore, and forget Ewing was more dazzling than Jordan 23 points , 11 rebounds. In the ensuing sophomore season, Move, defense, shooting, rebounding, this series almost cruel training and management, Thompson in the shortest possible time to forge Ewing became a conquering center, but also to Ewing's Georgetown team and his comeback to beat the University of Houston in the NCAA finals in experienced pain after Jordan, Ewing finally tasted life first and only taste of a championship. Meanwhile, fans gave the No. 33 center a more frightening nickname: "spoilers Hoya (HoyaDestroya)" And after that, although it experienced a reversal by the Wildcats in the final moments of grief, but in general, Ewing and Georgetown has become a monument in the history of NCAA players. At the university four years, Ewing played a total of 143 games, averaging 15.3 points and 9.2 rebounds. Ewing at Georgetown god-like performance inspired the passion of the fans, but also give impetus more children play. Then a small fan is so under the influence of Ewing embarked on a road of basketball: "I was 12 years old, there is a cut lawn earned money that day, I watched a ball, then I decided I wanted to. play basketball ?? I buy a shirt, bought a basketball, then began. " double god pinnacle war 1982 the NCAA finals by many fans regarded as the most classic battles in NCAA history. This star-studded championship in North Carolina have James & middot; Worthy and Sam & middot; Perkins, while on the other side, there are super center Patrick Ewing hold the line, no one thought, and finally became the protagonist Michael & middot; Jordan, a freshmen. 15 seconds before the end of the game, the left side of the basket firmly Jordan hit a jumper, the score becomes 63 than 62. "For me, that is not what a wonderful thing, because that ball put us get rid of." Thompson said, "Jordan showed execute the final vote and cast the ability. It has a lot of teams can perf Cheap foamposites for sale orm the last a cast of people, Worthy, Perkins, Ewing, etc., but in the end the truth is that Jordan completed the final vote. " Ewing Athletics 33 Hi coincidence to build empire is, Ewing brand most representative Ewing Athletics 33 Hi will be engraved in the near future. Although not as Georgetown University uses color like Iverson shoes, but Ewing Athletics 33 Hi regression exciting enough in itself, and in New York after the first appearance of color, we know that the emergence of a touch of blue and gray matter of time. 1989 years after the cooperation with adidas expired, he found an agent named Robert Falk & middot; Muller in the hope that the other party can make a pair of all-white Ewing, Logo no shoes. "I want Ewing over again, so I need to erase the imprint left adidas past, and in the next nine months, I want to Madison Square Garden watching anyone's guess Ewing foot in the end is what to wear shoes. " Sure enough, Ewing's shoes like a new car has not been the same exposure attracted people's attention. Nearly a year later, Ewing Ewing's own brand of commercially available products first dual public Ewing Athletics 33 Hi finally late. Ewing Athletics 33 Hi how popular at the time in the end? Unable to visit New York in 1990 is difficult to describe, but it is not an exaggeration inaccurate data - under the guidance of this shoe, Ewing brand's total sales in the year more than one hundred million US dollars. And such data even if today's LeBron or Kobe sneakers difficult to achieve, although the new shoes are much more expensive in terms of price. As of 1996, Ewing and his collaborators has launched about 20 models of shoes. But with the start of this year's major brands heavily invested and technological arms race, Ewing chose to give up shoes business: "We once made a great success, but later became difficult, a lot of kids are like the other brand of shoes " But just when it seems to have begun to forget the shoes even when Ewing Ewing himself, Ewing brand enthusiast David & middot;. High Park has to pull himself and Ewing Ewing broker Falk sit together again to invest to make the brand identity of the person to settle down, but Ewing Athletics 33 Hi engraved naturally became the first step in the return of the brand, have lamented that even Ewing : "I think it is time to re-launch of my shoes." "He was my brother, I took him as my brother, my brother did not, but if I have a brother, I hope he is a Alonzo like the kind of person "- Patrick & middot;. Ewing Alonzo & middot; Mourning ultimate tough guy big body forward to the trip to the center of the post? In the paint long people lined caps become a master? Like "hammock", as the war dragged Larry Van Gundy & middot; Johnson? Even after a kidney transplant to eat every day dozens of grain antibiotics adhere to the game? Whether your heart is a rough definition of Mourning still tenaciously, in short, this is a never to the opponents, nor bow to fate of pure man child. Even when the December 19, 2007 that led to his retirement suffered devastating injuries, Mourning must push the stretcher so that they stood to leave the pitch. 1988, the impact of that in the Ewing bought shirts and sneakers boy finally like his predecessors into the Georgetown, and put on the dusty 33 years. The young man, that is, we are familiar with Alonzo & middot; Mourning. Compared Ewing, Alonzo Mourning at Georgetown scenery almost favorably. Georgetown played only on behalf of the third game, he got the first triple-double in team history, and also broke the single-game blocks Ewing record keeping, only played 22 minutes, Mourning will send 11 blocked shots. And the entire freshman season, Mourning averaged presence within 28.3 minutes of performance time of 13.1 points, 7.3 rebounds. With this excellent performance, he was named to the NCAA's best team this season, the Associated Press named. In addition to campaign NCAA, Mourning has often offseason back to school to learn from each other Ewing Training Big Brother, they train and fight instead of hugging and smiling, so those years, Georgetown students often see such a wonders: two war heroes like King Kong Godzilla Usually naked m Cheap jordans online elee, mutual Biao trash, even in the student restaurant shouting insults to be. But in the end, it is the men suddenly laughing, holding hands side by side and then away. belong honor Zo's Boots As the Union line players, Nike also has a remarkable natural for Mourning attention. In his career, Air Alonzo and Air Vis Zoom Uptempo is the most classic sneakers. The former is his most iconic in its two signature Nike shoe in a (another Air Zo seems to be unknown), and accompanied by a cup Mourning last moment; while the latter is history a window Zoom Air basketball shoes, is worthy of Technology Pioneers. "! The first time I saw in Georgetown Dikembe when only one thought: really is too high." - Alonzo & middot; Mourning Dikembe & middot; Dikembe Mutombo Africa Jufeng long and hard to pronounce name? Even he himself can lose track of the age? And that walk on the edge has become a technical foul after shaking fingers of his signature move cap? Dikembe Mutombo in the game is so unique, he is not in a great variety of pace and force gas Nukiyama Come guise dunk known, but a reputation for letting the opponent's attack again and again without success, either in Georgetown or in Denver Atlanta is true. He is like a from the highest peak in Africa, between the opponent and the basket stand in the perennial did not fall. 1988, the 22-year-old Mutombo met his life honored - US Embassy staff in Congo (former Zaire) Herman, he will be introduced to Mutombo Georgetown University Coach John & middot; Thompson. But Mutombo came to the US to study their own original ideals when it is hoped to become a doctor, which is home to a large reason poverty and war. But Sleight, located in Washington, DC in this, among the oldest university in the United States, the great mountain-like African youth did not become a doctor, but has become one of the greatest NCAA defensive center. In the first year of attending Georgetown, Mutombo did not immediately join the basketball team, but in tuition English, study medicine, to participate in the training school to improve basic skills. But this time the coach has seen Thompson Mutombo has the potential to become an outstanding center. In the first year of the competition, he gradually became Mourning bench, in very few data on the long period of time is not a color, 3.9 points and 3.3 rebounds. But the second year, Mutombo through their own efforts to obtain 25.7 minutes per game playing time, averaging data also rose to 10.7 points, 10.5 rebounds. To the junior, Mutombo's performance is reached 15.2 points, 12.2 rebounds. And he and Mourning is composed of the most horrible no-fly zone in NCAA history - three seasons, the two work together to send 647th pot. And he and Mourning friends the best defensive player of the dispute, but also from Georgetown all the way to the NBA's development more than ten-year career. league foot In Mutombo's career, his shoes and his cap far less shaking fingers as dazzling. Whether those with African-style adidas exclusive shoes, or stay together with his big cushion Nike Total Super Max, and his career in the late Peak, not be popular shoes on the market. Compared to sneakers, it touches Mutombo shoe size is worth saying --56 yard Bigfoot let him year round to maintain the record of NBA shoe size, which makes him no matter what is put on the shoes are as unique as if stepping mailbox . strong and brave, which is part of Bulldog character. Similarly, it is also out of Georgetown University in those tough stadium. Even if Iverson can not use their full body injuries shocks O'Neal who once guarded the inside, Ewing pleasures of life, but for the O'Brien Cup is always a bad chess move; even Mutombo seems to only in the picture defensive end has become the focus, Mourning has even the peak of his career suffering from life-threatening kidney disease. But it is these twists and hardships, let Georgetown firm and courageous people look more light. The first step to become hero if you think Iverson, Patrick Ewing became the Hoyas in a way, become a real tough course, you may wish to consider access to Georgetown University for further study . Enrolment perspective on 2013, when applying for Georgetown University, International Student Application deadline is January 10 (autumn), the minimum TOEFL score of Georgetown University undergraduate admission requirements at 91 points, admitted last year, international Students' average TOEFL score of 91 points. In addition, the application needs to Georgetown University SAT or ACT score, get points Deadline is January 10, admitted students average SAT (Reading + Math) score of 1387, the average ACT score for admission is 29. But for Georgetown University set early admission, when you see these words should have keep up with the November 1 deadline for the early admission. Georgetown immortal, blood does not put a tough guy - those cutting-edge power were out of the city After Iverson, Georgetown University basketball once fell into the doldrums. Graduates leave the team in addition to "junk Dog" Williamson fringe players such is like "Britney" Swift Turney bear as many want but can not prove their tragedy genius. However, after we get through this difficult time, George Town in recent years, and finally out of the large number of young talent aspect, such as Jeff & middot; Green, Hibbert and Monroe, we can not predict whether they will reach Ewing They kind of achievement, but just from the viewpoint of today, Jagged Georgetown spirit in this generation of young people who, eventually Everbright time. Jeff & middot; Green Green Army gang in 2007, Jeff & middot; Green led Georgetown to play into the NCAA Final Four, the first two rounds were defeated Belmont University and Boston College. Next, Green at Vanderbilt University, scored the winning goal in the final moments, led by fearless Georgetown second half reverse against No. 1 seed North Carolina, which is since 1985 the Ewing era, for the first time to return to Georgetown FinalFour. In 2007 after the first round of the 5th overall pick Thunder, Green "dubious" in the unique position of being in the league based on him quickly, and joined Celtic in 2011 by trading. But perhaps God in order to test the Georgetown boys basketball and life for the dedication and bravery, he was diagnosed with aortic aneurysm at 18 December 2011, followed by surgery and missed the entire season. Fortunately, as has been the return of Georgetown brave predecessors, like Alonzo Mourning, now Green has defeated the disease, the courage to return to the game, the Celtics once again become a part can not be ignored. Roy & middot; Hibbert giant walk a horse 2007 years of excellent record, in addition to the all-powerful thanks to Green, the team inside center Hibbert's performance is also eye-catching. It is also why, once vowed would like Georgetown University, as the University of the effectiveness of the three center four seasons Hibbert became a popular lottery pick candidates in 2007, he has finally announced that he will participate in the 2007 NBA draft, but he did not sign any one broker. By the May 23, 2007, Hibbert announced that he will return to campus to participate in senior season. Faced with such a decision to return to school, he explained: "My heart is in there, I feel where I have unfinished business." And a year later, Hibbert first round of 17 was walking to Blazers selected. Although today Hibbert technically be strengthened, but as Indiana Star of Hope, is also one of the league's most tall inside, Hibbert naturally will take up the traditional center in the league last hope, that is George City center traditional heritage of hope. Greg & middot; Monroe brake piston new Monroe is the emergence of the United States in recent years, a new generation of star inside. Since the 2010 NCAA Championships, Georgetown tragically brutally knocked out in the first round, freshman inside Monroe did not give the teams the opportunity to further observation. But in that year's draft, Detroit or in the first round of seven high pick to hire the young. In the following two seasons, Monroe also fulfill the mission, especially in the season, in addition to the continuation of a balanced attack and the low-range shots and good decision-making ability on the offensive end, he is more in the ball into the wind Georgetown and Detroit-style bloody, almost data 15 + 10 so that he no longer been seen as weakening Odom athletic ability or black version Brad & middot; Miller, experts say they peep from the child who to the young Chris & middot; Weber's shadow. special attention, Otto & middot; Potter While the NBA before the 2012-13 season start soon, but always full of gossip about the future of media and experts spirit We have begun to predict the 2013 NBA Draft. And in this draft Danian recognized, there are some figures from Georgetown - height 210 cm of senior small forward Otto & middot; Potter seems to have locked up a first-round places. While positional warfare attack in general, but he has a very good basketball IQ, and thanks to the 6-foot wingspan 8, and his rebounding ability is also impressive. If you can enhance the strength in the coming days, perhaps there is also likely to impact on the lottery. The new shoes Nike TZ-85 game red now available 2015-08-10 14:39:30 & nbsp; Nike TZ-85 could be considered the product of a new era, from classic styles with modern trends along with its design, the arrival of new shoes must be of concern. The Nike TZ-85 will play the red as the main vamp, enhanced use of suede retro feel, with a simple and clean white midsole color pure, coupled with the Magic last bandage and holes form a unique style Swoosh tidal flavor. Currently which is now on sale, like a friend may wish to continue to look at it. Earlier as we continue to report the Nike "What The" newest member of the family of Nike Kobe 9 Elite "What The", has been widespread concern sneaker, perhaps the last of a color as Nike Kobe 9, is also being sought it is normal. The very heart of the color, so its high compatibility, either brush or stadium street combat, are a good choice, a look at the latest on foot Pictures, it can also give us some much with the Idea. It is reported that the shoes will be officially on sale January 11, the price of 1699RMB, item number 678301-904, interested friends may wish to look at it artist Ruslan Karablin the main reason of the New York street brand SSUR news again recently, its regional SSUR * PLUS announced the latest catalog clothing line called "City Spetsnaz" of. This time & nbsp; SSUR military style with a strong build this branch, as its name this season, with special forces dressed as inspiration, blessing special camouflage print, released sweater, windbreaker, pants, Snapback, etc. take the lining of a single product. Selection of tough fabric composition, back not forget to add & nbsp; slogan as a decoration, and then to & nbsp; SSUR * PLUS sign to complete the & nbsp; M-65 camouflage jacket. It is reported that the series has landed brands online store, go to friend might be interested to know or purchase.Adidas has been a big shot at the All-Star weekend, in addition to Yeezy's press conference, which also featured Adidas Crazylight Boost at the all star rookie challenge. is also worn by rookie MVP Andre Wiggins himself, and is integrated with Primeknit and Boost technology. I'm sure you're looking forward to it as soon as possible! Reebok's strong publicity campaign is still hot, and this time saw the cooperation with Kasina and Dooly and other units, and saw the cartoon design role of Dooly in South Korea for the purpose of showing a fairly clean atmosphere. The joint launch of a series of shoes, including Victory, Pump, Phase 3 and Topdown, etc., and will be carried out in different roles Dooly design, interested local friends in South Korea can buy through Kasina start.Air Stab is a product on behalf of Air Max Air stab running shoes, the original body should be Nike Air Max 88, after 87 years of Air Max I and Air Max II for 89 years before the birth of a test version, 88 years Air Stab has a transitional function. Use the air cushion shoe body design of I Air exposed Max, and added a'Fork Stabs'system in the insole, can effectively reduce the chance of injury of athletes, this design is for those who often run mountain to the people. The heels and the back tongue of the shoe have the word "Air Stab", and the sole is also specially thickened. New products will be fully engraved in 2015, and the first exposure of this gray black uppers with fluorescent embellishment of new products, is not to bring back some running shoes and retro shoes fans heart? nike-air-stab-returning-2015-02-570x570.png (619.04 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Air Stab 2014-9-12 08:54 upload Nike 00 7 from 22, Cristiano, ·, Ronaldo will join forces to open Nike personal first trip to china. As a representative of the outstanding athletes in the sports world, C Luo has visited China several times with the club. The China C Ronaldo will visit Shanghai and Beijing two city, and Chinese football lovers to share their extraordinary football story, secret of success and inspire more exclusive secret Chinese teenagers football, detonated belongs to this nation's extraordinary! As the absolute leader, C, in June this year, with two goals to help the team 4:1 win over Juventus, fourth summit of Europe's premier club competition top, this is his occupation career in the team's twenty-first represents a different club championship of the tournament. On the international soccer scene, C Ronaldo led the Portuguese national team into the European Championship in the summer of 2016 with brilliant goals and extraordinary leadership. In addition, the 4 European golden globe winner has scored 604 official goals in his career, 75 of which made him the first ever Portuguese national team striker. There is no doubt that these incredible figures will continue to climb. 4a9c15bc-f2ce-4fb1-8004-2fe5285bcc5c.jpg (415.09 KB, download times: 0) download attachment who took eighty thousand robbed C Rowe's Nike CR7 Mercurial Campe&otild〉?Following the Nike Kobe 9 Low EM independent day exposure, Nike made another special edition of the day for its special brand, LeBron 11, for another special day. Vamp from Navy White Hyperposite and Hyperfuse collocation, collocation red swoosh, although the design does not continue but the stars and stripes, red, blue, white or through the three kinds of color showed a strong American style. item: 616175-164 1402115596562.jpg (98.87 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-7 upload at 14:29 1402115595622.jpg (98.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-7 upload at 14:29 1402115595924.jpg (107.33 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-7 upload at 14:29 1402115595284.jpg (84.87 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-7 upload at 14:29 1402115594665.jpg (65.79 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-7 upload at 14:28 1402115594092.jpg (87.37 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-7 14:28 upload Nike LeBron 11, independence day, lbj11 00The doubleNike Air Flight 89 shoes this fall again applied to the design of grey system, overwhelmed by this new shoes with white leather as raw material, collocation grey laces, lace holes, Swoosh leather and shoe body edging design, grey midsole stability under section on the soles of color and black and white two colors, of course AIR MAX air cushion technology classic is not key details ignored. After the fresh shoes are lined with blue lining, it seems to be the brisk part of this section. This section is now available on Oneness, and friends who like you can pay attention to it. 2012-10-23 10:02 upload and download attachments (320.79 KB) 2012-10-23 upload and download attachments at 10:02 (227.37, KB) a few days ago we exposed the new year Adidas Ultra Boost tongue color, "understanding" of words it is a year of special. now carefully observed, only to find that this paragraph Ultra Boost has adopted the "big horse bottom", and sure enough, it is not so simple...... recently, SOE released the spring of 2016 series Lookbook. Designers Toso Ichiro (Soichiro ITO) from 1970 to the early 1980s post-modern art inspiration, multi style ultimate fusion, through toyed with retro elements and cut loose, creating a full of flavor and free unruly design sense. In addition, Toso Ichiro Yiyun splicing patterns such as elements of the icing on the cake for the overall design, the expression of the boys mature side, casual and without losing prudent. The SOE 2016 series has landed Juice stores in early spring.