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if talking about the highest concern in the first half of the shoes, no doubt KAWS x Air Jordan 4 is no exception, and then exposed KAWS x Air Jordan 4 Black Suede version of the same eye-catching. The mystery of 's shoes finally opened, via the Ins account highsnobiety lead exposure, this is a pair of KAWS I build specifically for the "Family and Friends" and the limited edition, and the picture in this pair of shoes is the special master Jordan Brand design vice president David Creech! The features a cool black dress, with details designed to be almost identical to the gray version of the final offering, and also made of suede. The shoes are full of KAWS logo Companion pattern, and the heel is decorated with black "XX" letters to indicate the identity. Finally, it ends with a transparent bottom, and the whole shape is low-key and luxurious. In this paper, and pictures are from the network, if the same, please contact the editor. soon after the beginning of autumn, but also to stockpile the season. For a lot of sneaker, when ready to change a shoe, always found at the moment just a lack of a pair of shoes for. Of course, buying shoes this thing, with the increasing number of shoes have met, people around the naturally or half unconsciously ask "are you so many shoes! Why buy?" In addition to our polite smile to relieve embarrassment, give them a look pretty special reason may be one of the interesting things. Many cheap air jordans shoes for these, there is no similar and you recently bought shoes reason? in such hot weather, absolutely not wearing those shoes just once, natural need a pair of cool shoes. Although the slippers loved, but not what occasions are suitable, if you work in a crowded bus subway should wear slippers, who didn't get it...... Therefore, it is necessary to find a pair of cool shoes, it seems less than a province. "air conditioning shoes" of the Clima Cool 02/17 struck cool new works. The shoes with Clima Cool 1 for the design of the prototype, into the profile of EQT. The upper use Clima Cool hollow mesh material classic, shoe side added a large area of TPU rubber sole is still stable patch, we are familiar with the sole ventilation. The shoes first color shoe body with a large white mesh details with red and black embellishment, and this time, in order to cope with this shoe sale, was born in 2002 with Adidas Clima Cool 1 color shoes also ushered in the return and simultaneous release. This inside reveals a cool, avant-garde fashion shoes too exciting. is a fitness and now we are very concerned about the topic, for the fitness investment, which reflects the purchase of the just, and make people unable to refute, is a good reason to buy. Talk to Under Armour this brand of fitness, we will not be unfamiliar. UA these years with its specialty and add some exercise tips in the way of publicity, slowly penetrated into eve cheap air jordans ryone's daily fitness. of course, UA's product line is also more and more abundant, in addition to the commonly used fitness tights, daily training shoes also emerge in an endless stream. The launch of the new SpeedForm AMP 2 training shoes is relatively conspicuous a. Remove the bottom part, fluency improvement action, two pieces in the bottom support and improve the stability, increase the flexibility of training shoes design of bending deep grooves, plus lightweight woven uppers, to help meet the demand of high strength training. immutable and frozen in the fierce competition in the market, often at a disadvantage, and innovation has been regarded as a norm now the sports brand. The use of new technology and new products, always seems so full of temptation, as for new technology and can bring effect and feeling, I only personally try is the most direct way, so, since hi 〉according to Hatfield Tinker recalls, the design of Jordan XXX Air from last February. In Jordan Michael 52 years old birthday Party before the dinner, MJ and his old friend Hatfield Air opened the Jordan XXX Tinker's writing, MJ hopes his friends to help him design the thirtieth generation of signature shoes. And on the second day, I drew a pair of shoes, Tinker recalls, because I know that I met a big trouble - about Jordan XXX Air, my time seems to be not enough. Subsequently, I realized that was just out of thin air and create a pair of foamposites for cheap shoes does not mean anything, so I want to to the MJ in 1988 dunk contest the classic photograph. Then, in order to re design the. " And as Tinker said, constitute the Jordan XXX Air every element from the Jordan Jordan and Brand Michael continuous progress of the fundamental: constantly seek to break the performance of combat, as well as tribute to the legendary design inspiration. In the 1988 MJ slam dunk contest classic welcome to pay attention to get micro signal (WeChat search getdunkhome), every day there is an unexpected surprise oh! source: solecollectorpreviously reported Air Jordan VI Doernbecher you now have further news release. The Air Jordan VI Doernbecher is also called Jordan with the hand design, shoes on the " 06/08" "represents the end of the course of his life, and was a heel embroidery pattern represents he won the first prize in the school is always good. All the details of the Air Jordan VI Doernbecher is more meaningful, and this year the Nike Doernbecher project will be offering a total of 6 pairs of shoes, will be available for sale in the United States in November 14th. At present, the remaining 5 are not yet known, as early as 2011, the Air Jordan introduced an improved version of the 6rings winter boot, Winterized 6, Rings, Khaki, Olive, Imperial, Blue. Today, everyone's attention to outdoor boots continues to rise, today, the network exposed the ash / Black / red color matching Jordan W jordan shoes online sale interized 6, Rings in kind. The shoes are made of black and gray suede shoes, and the red outsole is lined with the lining.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; May 23, Nike and Apple to launch the Nike + iPod series, for the first time in the world of sports and music perfectly together. The two companies co-developed the first products for the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. This is a make Nike + shoes and iPod nano sports a dialogue of wireless systems, for people to bring new optimal running and workout experience. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike + Air Zoom Moire is the first running shoe to achieve information exchange and iPod sneakers. Nike also plans to Nike + technology to a variety of sports shoes, so that millions of consumers to experience the movement to bring the Nike + iPod experience. Through the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, you can Nike + sport shoes and iPod nano to connect, iPod can store and display time movement, distance, calories burned and pace. Users can also learn about these real-time data through headphones. Nike + iPod Sport Kit includes an in-shoe sensor and a receiver connected to an iPod. In addition, iTunes Music Store online music bookstore added a new Nike Sport Music section on the new personal service site also provides these can help users better experience Nike + iPod sport brings the perfect experience. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Specially designed Nike apparel, including jackets, tops, shorts, iPod cheap jordans for sale nano armband. These products have waterproof pocket cleverly designed, not only to accommodate and protect the iPod nano, but also allows users to easily and conveniently perform various operations of the player in the movement. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike + iPod Sport Kit suggested retail price in the United States for $ 29. 60 days from today, consumers can through the Apple Online Store & reg; (, Apple's retail stores, Apple authorized retailers, Nike's website (, Niketown, Nike Women Shop and a number of other US retailers to buy Nike + iPod Sport Kit. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike + iPod sensor need to have sports shoes and Nike + sensor connected iPod nano, equipped with USB2.0 interface, Mac OS & reg; X 10.3.9 or higher version version, and iTunes 6.0.5 for Mac & reg; PC; or equipped with USB2.0 interface, Windows 2000 or XP Home Edition or Professional (SP2), and iTunes 6.0.5 for Windows computers. & nbsp;earlier reported many times expectations of shoes - NIKE, "WHAT THE KOBE" 9 ELITE, finally coming to its launch date! on the introduction of shoes, we will not say more, like friends must always pay attention to their own local stores! number: 716654-001 release date: January 2015 11 offer price 225 [pictures from the network, from:Sneaker Politics] T: Y% F (W * 3 Ecentrik Artistry recently custom designers bring new jade color AIR JORDAN 3 custom new shoes, body in mint green leather color, same color collocation fluorescent color, lace holes, lining crack blasting toe and heel ornament, white, mint green and the green fluorescent in the under on gray rubber outsole, the overall color is striking and refreshing. 'F', N+, y%, Q0, j The of the beginning of the year HF has mentioned this double Footscape will be engraved, but also with the Fragment joint, the shoes of a grade 8 trendsetter who, it is very strange, but to me that a grade 7 people, there are a lot of friendship, not much said, there are 2 main Color shoes are blue and orange, and the shoe after Tag has Fragment Design lightning Logo, and when the shoes are wearing very comfortable. You ready? Go. / 〉 release date: April 4th (Only, Japan) pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090403183916_0_.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090403184750.jpg Adidas Originals, this new publication of a Match Play St. Dark Slate, a new look. The Match Play St. Dark Slate double to deep blue appearance presented the overall tone, to create the whole canvas material characteristics, with the golden words followed by black embellishment in detail, at the same time on the inside has a checkered chic style, people have quite fond of low-key superior beauty. This pair of Match Play St. Dark Slate has been on the shelves in each Adidas Originals shop, want to buy shoes fans, do not miss.began to ride a bike when the foot is cold how to do? Can not force to step on how to do? This article gives you a few things to protect the foot temperature: socks, shoes, boots, and foot special warm baby. unless your blood circulation is really good, otherwise you will be riding in nine in ten in the winter was cold feet. Riding process, the foot force is not large, the body will quickly put the foot of the blood to the needs of the site. feet too cold when it will be very painful, and this situation will continue until you go home to have a better. If you really want to keep riding in the winter, you still have to make sure that you can get a comfortable ride at low temperature. cold feet this problem is to vary from person to person. Some people do not have this problem, and some portraits I worry a lot, blood circulation is not good enough, as long as an hour or less time hands cold, want to maintain the temperature is not easy. the following is to keep the hands warm and warm tips, if you have a better way, but also welcome messages oh! socks leaned smell, oh no see my socks first insulation layer is very important, because a good sock is very important, it is worth the investment. Thick socks more insulation thin socks than summer, of course, not too thick socks feet. socks generally use synthetic fiber and Merino wool. Wool has good thermal insulation effect and is very comfortable, and a pair of socks with Merino wool is a luxury. In addition, synthetic fiber materials are added in the wicking effect, ensure the feet dry and long. winter socks socks handle slightly longer, when wearing tights or sets of shoes can be used as a personal layer. And because you will be wearing tight pants, socks, the color and style is really not tangled. shoe cover under an effective line of defense is the shoe cover. It is not only the wind can also prevent the front wheel thrown out of the mud, if you can effectively stop the two major natural enemies, the foot is not so painful. shoe cover the use of material is more complex, chloroprene rubber and windproof, waterproof fabric, part of a special purpose, most is to wind and rain. The size of the shoe cover is very important. They speak less, there is little cold air to enter. first wear toe cover and then set a layer of the complete set of shoes has been very popular extreme environment, I will choose to wear two pairs of shoes. A very popular practice is to wear a toe shoes on the shoes, and then wear a complete set of shoes. This is the heel shoes with lights, personally feel is a very smart design especially, ride at night is more necessary. heel shoe sleeve with lamp in the night riding plays a significant role in LAKE this winter boots very domineering shoes if you feel too much trouble, you have a plan to start a pair of winter boots. They direct the wind and water.