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undoubtedly, the bubble is everyone's favorite Sneakerhead, this time, the network exposed a pair of Nike WMNS Air Foamposite One "Shine."". Green Foam material can not help but to the spider man villain of the green " " associate. What's a pity is that the male version of the woman, who wants to have a male, has to drool, ~ old players must remember that classic Super Nintendo game, right? Powerful function and new entertainment experience, it brought new revolution for TV Game of the year. Recently, there are Sneaker Custom Daren, modeled on it, the host's color, visual design, as well as the handle Custom all over the shoes. How about it? Is it very nostalgic?Jackson also have their own boots Chinese shoes Network August 19 hearing as to win the highest number of most coaches in NBA history, Jackson's turn to enjoy a privilege, and that is to have its own exclusive shoes. Looking NBA history, with exclusive shoes are mostly in the field working hard NBA superstar, but Jackson has become the first coach to have their own exclusive sneakers. Recently, Adidas Jack intends to create 15 pairs of exclusive shoes, 15 pairs of shoes which is named "Phil? Jackson Gun" series, will have two color, purple (the Lakers), and black and red ( Bulls). Shoes will be engraved on the "X" sign, on behalf of Jackson's coaching career got 10 championships. This shoe looks very nice on paper, of course, yet do not see these shoes will be a senior shoes, or shoes, or no synthetic chemicals.Toronto Raptors played a very good start to the season, is currently ranked first in the east. And the team bench general Lewis & middot; Lou Williams is playing well, recently the defender in personal instagram drying out of the a pair of customized version of the air jordan 11 Raptors color. Select black and red air jordan 11 as a custom template, patent leather dye on the Raptors iconic purple, in bottom to cover black, outsole and Jumpman logo by red dotted, showing the whole theme of raptors away. source: louwillville& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Recently, super company with Nike (China) Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Beijing, announced the Nike officially became Super League official strategic partner and will gradually round Support the league 16 teams. compared to the past, the signing ceremony was very simple, Nike's chief representative, said Wang Xiaoping, since 1994, Nike will support the Bayi team to enter China in the form of football, after Shenhua and Luneng energy number of Super League clubs to establish cooperative relations and to provide opportunities for training and competition at home and abroad including Shao Jiayi, Dong Fangzhuo, Zhou Haibin and several other players. In 2006, Nike became the designated equipment sponsor of Super League, to provide comprehensive service to the referee with the ball and the league. Starting from the 2009 season, Nike to further expand in the Chinese football, the Super Bowl is not only involved in the organization teenagers, also i cheap air jordans n cooperation with the National Board of Education, organized a national high school football league. Currently the league has been expanded to 16 provinces in the country, reaching over 200 young people support the team. It is reported that now has 14 Super League clubs agreed to use the Nike Super expedition equipment, Henan use since being acquired Umbro, Nike, also included. Also because of national security and Dalian and Adidas has high contract, Nike had to wait until next year after the end of the contract the two clubs, and then dominate the Super territory. China Football Association vice chairman Nan Yong, Yang Yimin and carriage full league director, as well as general manager of Super Lu Feng, attended the ceremony, for positive behavior Nike, Yang Yimin, said: "Nike has always supported the Super League, as well as for major clubs, players strong sponsorship, to China to promote the development of football and to bring influence can not be ignored. The partnership, believe Nike, the world's leading football field resources and experience will bring a new future to Super League . "It is understood that the Nike company's cooperation with the super long-term, in addition to the 2009 season ho throw $ 15 million, but in the next 10 years, Nike will give the Super League a total value of 200 million US dollars big single. After the formal signing, Lu Feng, general manager of Super also face with a smile, "to find a long-term and stable cooperation partner to be happy, of course, after the Super League will also find more sponsors." Also sponsoring the Super League for the preceding Xinyuan Digital rumors, Lu Feng also clarified, "3-year 30 million yuan, the Super League worth the price!" (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners : shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network)0.jpg (74.52 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-1-5 10:00 upload 1.jpg (59.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-1-5 10:00 upload 2.jpg (68.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-1-5 10:00 upload 3.jpg (59.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-1-5 10:00 upload 4.jpg (65.33 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-1-5 10:00 upload 5.jpg (54.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-1-5 10:00 upload 6.jpg (63.15 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-1-5 10:00 upload The selection and role of basketball shoes Running a wide range of type The structure of . in the bottom outsole 4. foot sizes. player type The this type of player basketball shoes must have strong damping effect and stability, therefore, can wear a pair of shoes to sink some guarantee of the two requirements. first shoes is very light, but also requires the Cheap foamposites for sale ankle, shock and a flexure. Low shoes are often the best choice. The structure of about the structure of basketball shoes and its characteristics for you to buy a pair of appropriate basketball shoes is very important. . shoes vamp is soft and it keeps your feet in the playing process is comfortable and safe. . For the high in 1-4, Guangdong exported $3 billion 70 million to Africa, an increase of 1.4%, of which South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt were the main exporters of Guangdong to Africa, accounting for 42% of all exports. data show that in South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt to Guangdong main export to africa. Before April, Guangdong exported 500 million, 400 million and three and 390 million US dollars to the three countries, three of which accounted for 42% of the total export value. Analysis of "Made in China" has led China to the forefront of the world, and made in China was once the engine of China's economic development. Now, on the one hand, some Southeast Asian countries are in the low-end manufacturing industry force, snatch China cost advantage status; on the other hand, originally produced in China by foreign high-end manufacturing back to developed countries, investment advantages are disappearing, before and after the attack has become China's current situation of manufacturing helpless. To this, personage inside course of study even says, "Chinese manufacturing industry survived 2008, but boil however 2015, " this year, before the Spring Festival, Dongguan appeared hundreds of large-scale factories closed down or stop production. In addition, known as the manufacturing industry, to the production of glasses, shoes, lighters famous Wenzhou, is currently undergoing manufacturing industry hollowing, shoes, lighters and so proud of the industry is gradually lost the glory. shoes industry as an important barometer of China's real economy, industry ecology has long been chaotic. Kappa closes 2011 shops by the end of 632, leaving about 3000 rooms. Anta 2012 year 2013 year 590 stores, 318 stores. Only the first half of 2015 Daphne shut shop 181. The launch of Taobao is in many industries Chinese stifle innovation, all products to participate in the competition only hit the price war, as a result, the original Chinese fakes rampant market will lose its original power, "Chinese create" road may be from the assumption of depravity, teeter, become part of the world division of labor no value ! in June 3rd this year, Taobao opened the "Chinese made" sale of the venue, but the sale period is only 3 days off. To participate in the "China made" activities in Dongguan ten traditional footwear manufacturers as a whole sold only 30%-50% of the stock, sales are far short of expectations. Today, the entire manufacturing industry is like a frost beaten eggplant, collectively caught in the "made in China, ushered in winter" panic. With the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend, "made in China" is experiencing cheap jordans an unprecedented crisis. "make" cold winter, how should Chinese shoe pass winter? from the rising tide of closing stores, we can see that the traditional business model relying on lower production costs and low resource prices won't be applicable in the Internet age. Serious excess production capacity of the low end of the industrial chain, serious homogenization competition, is the inevitable result of the traditional business model. And to completely reverse this result, the most effective way is to carry out innovation, and innovation both product technology level, and business model level, the two are indispensable. 000 Xieyun's path, the original shoe reverse O2O model, the use of new technology, revitalize the traditional footwear market, "old industry full of new vitality, from its inception, Xieyun million to make snap action to break into people's vision, has become a major concern)& nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] After a short crisis in the throes of high inventories, the world's second-largest sporting goods suppliers in China have returned to the growth track. Li Ning, who can learn from what? Many years later, people will certainly be seen as the 2008 Olympic Games the Chinese sports market a dramatic turning point. Adidas did not like the oath as before to win the championship in the Chinese market, but was Li Ning beyond. After the blowout accident fall, all the sports goods manufacturers have been overwhelmed by the huge inventory, Adidas thus began a long year restoration period, but surging domestic brands, Li Ning, Anta, China Dongxiang, Peak and special steps are all showing strong growth in the financial statements. People thought, a new era began. But now, the situation is completely reversed. Li Ning, China Dongxiang, have already slid into earnings growth jogging track, and inventory burden off Adidas to traveling light and regain expansion strategy. By the end of 2010, it announced an ambitious "Gateway 2015" program, will be wound up in 550 cities extend to 1400 the city population of 50,000 to 500,000 of the city are included in the target, the number of new stores to reach 2500. Results overwhelmed by rapid expansion, directly reflected in the 2011 semi-annual report: Sales in Greater China increased 38 percent to 552 million euros, a record high in the region. "In the past six months China is the world's fastest growing market," managing director of high Skyline Adidas Greater China (Colin Currie), not without pride, told reporters: "We once again aroused the confidence of dealers, their feedback are: Adidas is back. " Quick shop Zhefan case of deja vu. As early as in 2006 and 2007, Adidas experienced such rapid growth, the annual growth rate of more than 15%. But in 2008, due to the discovery of poor single-store growth, global CEO of ????? when he began to reflect on whether it should be heavy and not quantity, thereby slowing the rate of expansion. Thereafter bad situation without too much to say, spending huge sums to sponsor the 2008 Beijing Ol cheap foamposites ympic Games, Adidas originally expected resurgence of the market, but did not expect the economic crisis ensued destroyed the wonderful expectations. From 2009 to 2010, the aggressive players are always low growth or negative growth in sales dormant. Clean up a lot of inventory, and auto repair strained relations with closer cooperation, regional structure adjustment, re-sort the product strategy ...... Until today, when once beyond Adidas, a short climb on the Chinese market, Li Ning, the runner-up in trouble, Adidas decided to wait for an opportunity to seize the opponent weakness comprehensive counterattack, scoring the other advantages of the previous positions: low-tier cities. Adidas's ambition has not changed: Beyond Nike, becoming the first Chinese market. "I would use the analogy that when I travel, the engine was broken, but I can not stop the car, slowly repair, then back on the road." Bo Ji Yong, senior vice president of sales Adidas (Philippe Bocquillon), told reporters "No, can not do so, because everyone in this on the market at high speeds." However, as past history there have been problems in general, in the case of resources is limited, how to allocate the low-tier cities for expansion and promotion funds, effort and time a single store output of second-tier cities, a high Skyline the team will explore the issue almost every day. "Our current challenge is really to improve our visibility in the market, while the low line, can continue to maintain our edge in a second-tier cities." High Skyline admits. In contrast, China's domestic sports brand needs a good view of the growth patterns of the past. Chien conventional high inventory risks are individually outbreak - Following Li Ning, China Dongxiang trouble, special steps have not been spared. According to its first half earnings this year revealed that special steps inventories amounted to 887 million yuan, an increase of about 92 percent, which finished one, the amount of inventories reached 474 million yuan, is 5.64 times the 084 million yuan in the first half of last year; overall operating of funds turnover days from 27 days in 2010, was extended to 66 days in the first half of this year. Anta amount of inventories has increased by 20.3%, Pick also worrying rise by 41%. who also do not want to escape gravity. With over to the reseller channel Yahuo way, these local brands achieved high growth on the surface, but this time bomb is detonated. Conversely, Adidas (and Nike) in this time of crisis in the show retail management capability, to Li Ning were solidly lesson. This is not the beginning of a new era - but one rely on low-cost, end channels to achieve growth in the size of the old days. "Sell-through" Adidas sluggish growth in 2009 and 2010, indeed a large number of stocks dragged down. In order to clean up inventory, activation cash flow, dealers are willing to discount products, would not only hurt the Adidas high-end brand image, but also leads to a lot of stores at a loss, resulting in the relationship "lose-lose" jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black situation, the company and dealers It was tight. defuse the crisis has become a common task of the whole stock of the company, but the main change in the situation who is the original work in Europe, Adidas, Adidas Greater China in 2007 to join Bo Ji Yong. This is the name of French nationality managers in the stock issue deepest 2009 by home visit dealers, trying to untie the knot relations. Some skin problems are easy to find, for example, because the old can not be clearing inventory, dealers do not want to buy new goods, this way, the lack of sales terminals to boost force, product backlog, creating a vicious cycle. price sale seems to be the only way out, but I hope everything Boji courage to implement more organized. He established the EPR (Early Price Reduction) system, strict rules, only to be 30 days after the product to be sold 20%; 90 days later, the discount can be turned into 7 fold. If it is not clearing, Adidas will buy these products in their own factory discount sale. In fact, stocks also suffered during the crisis plagued Nike, is to open the plant in the form of discount understated digest inventory. To this end, Adidas discount stores newly opened many factories, the existing total to 48. Even more critical in one fell swoop, Bo Ji Yong is introduced from the European market has benefited him approach: within the company, the goods are sold to dealers called "Sell-in", while at the dealer responsible for out within retail stores, real goods being sold to customers, it is defined as "Sell-through". In the sporting goods industry, dealer orders and product time to market, after a difference of 8-9 months, which would pose a risk assessment for the dealer market prospects wrong. In the past, all brands are the "Sell-in" sales tasks to complete will be declared down, the number of "Sell-through" and a series of stagnation risk what goods to sell, all borne by the dealer. Bo Ji Yong decided to change this situation. "Do not talk about your eight months later how much can be sold, but to discuss how many are sold each day." He told the dealers. In early 2009, specializes in "Sell-through" of the team was established, the ultimate goal is to achieve "Sell-in" and "Sell-through" can finally be consistent, that all dealers purchase, it can be successfully sold. In fact, before the economic crisis, Adidas retail terminal attempts to incorporate updated daily sales data system, according to one employee said Adidas, the company invested millions of dollars to the cost of the system. But frustrating is that many dealers as "too cumbersome", "worry too much disclosure of trade secrets" refused to provide daily data updates. 2009 years of sluggish market conditions changed the attitude of some dealers. Bo Ji Yong then let him talk about an impressive story: when the deepest crisis of 2009, a southern dealer to Bo for help, saying his inventory in serious condition, Adidas required to provide financial assistance, and gives strategic recommendations. However, soon met, Bo discovered, the "troubled," the dealer was driving a shiny new car BMW 7 Series. Ji Yong Bo's reaction is: Why do you have to buy a new car, rather than put the money into your business is dying to go ? This is precisely the root of the problem between Adidas and distributors of mutual contradiction. These rely on the local sale after Nike, Adidas products distributor, the rapid accumulation of wealth, eager help of a series of extravagant materials to package their social status, but not how earned willing to invest long-term development of business again. Fortunately, the economic crisis has made dealers are aware of the threat posed by short-sighted endanger the survival, not to mention, the expansion of the number of dealers, but also to intensify the competition between each other, according to Bo Ji Yong judge, all these years Some very small scale dealers will eventually die. It Zhefan realized the, most dealers make decisions with Adidas closer cooperation. "Thanks to the economic crisis, so Zhefan transition easier," are learning Chinese in Boji Yong said:. ". So I very much agree with the Chinese people to say, there is danger only organic which is very correct" Now, most of the Adidas store sales data (ie, "Sell-through") can be exported every day. "I can know how many customers buy three days ago Adidas product, no wait." Bo Ji Yong said. The benefit of this is that, according to Bo sales data to determine which is the best-selling product, which is less popular products. For slow-moving products, Bo monthly communication and marketing department, before the last move is "markdowns", relying on marketing efforts, boost one. "We can finally do it, and have a consistent definition of dealer inventory and the same method of calculation." Bo said. In reference to the same inventory crisis currently experienced by local brands, Bo said: "The longer, the more difficult to clean up inventory." In fact, the establishment of "Sell-through" system, but also help to enhance the effective methods Adidas single store output. To do this, we set up a new Adidas "store regulators" (Franchise operation) team, responsible for managing the Chief Operating Officer Erick Haskell. This team of several hundred people were sent to the various stores regularly, especially new stores, check the product display and display compliance with specifications, whether staff in place, the service is reached. "They will personally into battle, about playing with the product, so that they look more presentable." Erick Haskell said. And all of these will be recorded and become regular reports submitted. In addition, Adidas also has retail usual "mystery shoppers", in the case of the clerk's knowledge, testing the quality of the store service. "Various parts of the current, we really have too much at the same time 'priority' option, it must be more closely related to cooperation between different departments, coordinate business." Erick told reporters. three times a day Shop You may message Adidas new stores is not surprising. But by the end of September this year, Adidas new stores in Harbin Hongbo Century Plaza there is special. At the opening ceremony, four dashing outdoor sports master after climbing on the climbing wall, the opening ribbon cleanly ripped off, the moment, the giant frame lower side. At this point, you just feel out of this unusual store come, yes, this is an outdoor specialty stores, and is the first outdoor adidas franchise stores in China. This is the Adidas sporting goods retail stores relative saturation of a second-tier cities were the latest attempt: specialty stores for each sport. In the future, there will appear Adidas Basketball shops, professional running shops. The campaign is more worth pondering is that, the whole event was North Adidas team in control of the situation, rather than the Adidas headquarters in Shanghai. "They will be responsible for ensuring that activities carried out smoothly," High Skyline said, "We now have 70 stores in China, each region must ensure that each store was right and proper management." In fact, this is the result of Adidas in mid-2009 began to adjust regional architecture, the original east, south and north are more closely divided into east, south, north, (West) area. Last May, Adidas also established the Western headquarters office in Chengdu. In the past, the major area of ??the main task is to communicate with the local distributor, but now they have more autonomy on marketing. In October the just-concluded meeting twice a year in order, dealers found that they received the product list are not the same, Adidas, according to the climate characteristics and population characteristics of each region, given the different products for dealers choice; in the past, local dealers to get the catalog are the same. The reason behind realignment, is in respect of Adidas now the most important task: expansion. Prior to 2009, Adidas penetration of Chinese cities have focused on the front-line to the third-tier cities. Now, Adi ambitious to penetrate the Chinese broader expanse of Line 4 to 7 cities. Access to these original strange "even the name had neither heard of" urban - Juxian County in Shandong, Heilongjiang Lanxi County, Fujian Pingtan County - clearly we need a more flexible tactics and close street fighting, giving regions more autonomy shorten decision chains also become inevitable. To do this, Adidas has been trying to reduce the cost of internal communication and cooperation between the various departments closer than the previous. Now, each department managers Thursdays highest title will be regular meetings, exchange of work at hand. For high Skyline, Bo Ji Yong, Erick Haskell was created earlier this year that three of the top leadership team, "stick together" is the norm. . "We are always open endless meeting to discuss all things large and small," Erick said: "The organizational restructuring occurs not only in the region, but also in our internal." a large extent, this intimacy of being in terms of speed shop Adidas, is also a necessity. Right now, the speed shop Adidas extremely alarming. "On average, we have a day to open three new stores." Erick told reporters. when the differences between the presence of management. For example, on the site. Adidas to enter the nearly 1000 new cities, while alternative destinations more of 2500. A dedicated research team will go to the local area, investigate the income level of local residents, asking them how much money will be spent for the sporting goods, like sports projects. Not only that, the team would also examine the local business environment, the local statistics the total number of cinemas, supermarkets, banks, hotels and the like. In order to determine should enter the city. "We have different opinions," Bo Ji Yong said, "but we purpose of the meeting is to argue, so to convince each other. Once concluded, we will click here to perform, never change." logistics is another big challenge Erick encountered. Let Erick unexpected, he found that the goods shipped from a warehouse in downtown Suzhou Urumqi actually spend a whole week. "Normally our shipping time is generally 2-3 days, but how quickly the product shipped to Urumqi, the current biggest problem we encountered." Erick has laid down plans to build a warehouse in the center of Tianjin, in 2013 and put into use to meet the growing Adidas sales network supply needs. In the low-tier cities are expected Adidas encounter the same competition, the traditional 4-wire -7-tier cities has always been a Li Ning, Anta world. "Our competitors are familiar faces there, and we are the 'new' brand." Erick said. "low-tier markets consumer group focused on the working class, they are very focused on cost-effective products and brand influence." A Li Ning's management said. Obviously, Adidas if maintained at low-tier cities in the high price of its second-tier cities, and certainly not win the most customers in sight. Adidas NEO do this to create a new brand was scored precisely this part of the market was born, and it is with clover (Originals) belong to leisure, fashion lifestyle brand, but the average price is half of the former than the Li Ning, Anta slightly higher price range 50 yuan to 100 yuan. Adidas hopes to probe the customer will order a low-tier cities to put on a pair of "international brand" and is willing to pay much of a premium. However, as of now, NEO effectiveness is not yet clear. "Brand name of the first does not ring, and the price is still high in 4-7 tier cities." An insider said. This result is somewhat high Skyline headache, the current practice of only buffer, followed the clover, three bars (Sports Performance) and other brands, low prices designed more basic models, to meet the needs of low-tier cities. "We are not starting from scratch." High Skyline said. New targets have been identified: Adidas announced earlier this year, expects sales in China will reach 1 billion euros, the next five years, Adidas sales in China will be 15-20% growth rate. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)